Can buttercups tell if you like butter?

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If you hold a buttercup under you chin and it turns your chin yellow then you like butter; if it doesn’t, well then you don’t.

But what exactly does that mean?

Well as we can all work out (unless you are a toddler) that light reflects off the buttercup, and if your chin appears yellow, you are supposed to like butter.

Apparently if you go back in history there is a more sinister meaning. If you were suspected of stealing butter, if the yellow colour appears, you are deemed innocent as the butter couldn’t have melted in your mouth. If the yellow doesn’t appear, you’re guilty of stealing the butter because it has melted away and you have swallowed it.

Personally I like the fact that if you like butter – your chin turns yellow. So why not reward this with a succulent (and well buttered) corn on the cob. Try our Mighty Eagle Campfire Corn recipes.

So in answer to the question? No, buttercups cannot tell if you like butter. It is reflection of the yellow.

Finally don’t eat buttercups. They are poisonous.

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June 24, 2012 | Activities, Summer | 3 comments