How to put on a climbing harness and tie a figure eight knot

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Putting on a harness is really simple – but if done wrong can be deadly. The key is to double check, get your friends to double check then double check them.

Rules for climbing harnesses are:

• Lay it out in front of you
• Check for any damage
• Get the leg loops and the belay loop untwisted
• Pop your feet through leg loops
• Pull up like a big nappy (diaper)
• Pull the main belt tight
• Double back the main belt through the buckle and secure out of way
• Check you have doubled it back
• Tighten leg loops and double back any buckles and secure out of way
• Double check all buckles are double backed
• Check your friends are double backed
• Get them to check you

Have you checked all buckles are double backed?

Tying a figure eight knot to connect you to a rope

How to tie a figure 8 knot

How to tie a figure 8 knot

• Make sure you tie through the belay loop connectors – not the belay loop. The loop is not as strong as the connectors.
• Double tie the figure eight correctly and check it is properly attached again

Go climbing! Or playing on the end of the rope…

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